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June 24, 2020

Bill and Lana's  Mission.
Bill and Lana mission for is to share with you our passion for barbecue. None of what we have learned over the past 20 plus years is off-limits. Have a Question. Looking for guidance. 

We'll assist you in elevating your BBQ and grilling game with our grilling tips, recipes, and reviews. You, too, will be making your best barbecue, at the same time, preserving the old school ways of cooking.

How Wee Willy's Got, It's Start. Hint, Without a Secret Family Recipe?
Bill and Lana want to take this opportunity to introduce themselves. They're Bill and Lana, owners of Wee Willy's. 

In 1999 Bill and Lana began their barbecue journey. They soon realized there was much to learn. They didn't have the luxury of starting with a secret family recipe. Their dream was to develop their ideas, methods, and recipes. Soon, the south became their classroom. They took the time to learn about barbecue. Old school pit bbq. Cooked low and slow.

Bill and Lana continue to travel throughout the barbecue belt. Eating, learning, and observing everything BBQ. They even had the opportunity to meet many legends in the world of barbecue along the way.

Nationally Recognized and World Champion
Wee Willy's started as a KCBS competition barbecue team in 2002. During their rookie barbecue season, they had their share of success. In October of 2002, they won The Jack Daniel's World Championship Invitational Barbecue. Their success didn't stop there, and their accolades continued over the years. One such highlight was an appearance on a Food Network BBQ special. Another was when Bon Appétit Magazine recognized Wee Willy's BBQ Sauce as a top-five pick in the country. 

It's not easy when you take your hobby and turn it into the way you make a living. We are not complaining but instead blessed without opportunity ahead of us. Wee Willy's took its First Step into the food business in late December 2002.

Making Tough Decisions
It wasn't easy to compete and promote our new business. We elected to spend our summers developing a following for our new line of barbecue sauces. Before doing so, they have kept current in the world of barbecue in many ways. They continue to cook competitively when the opportunity is right. They went on to win the prestigious Butt to Butt invitational. In 2003, we partnered with Memphis in May barbecue legion and BBQ hall famer John Willingham. They were cooking with John at the 2003 Memphis and May BBQ Festival.

Learning From The BBQ Legends
The void they had from not competing was undeniably there. When time permits, they would travel. As you might have figured out, it revolved around BBQ. They were traveling and visiting the legendary barbecue joints across the country. These opportunities gave them a chance to reconnect and stay connected to their roots in BBQ. They were once again learning from the BBQ legends. 

Coming out of Retirement
When Sam's Club's tournament came along, once again, they came out of retirement—with a respectable finish, advancing to the second round. There additional times throughout the years that Bill and Lana would string together a series of contests. Each time by the end of their run, they were back on the stage.

A Chance of a Life Time; Cooking Against 24 of Worlds Best BBQ Teams, Ever.
The Jack's 25th Anniversary Winner Circle barbecue contest was their last big contest. They couldn't have been more satisfied with our level of performance and our finish. 
Judging THE JACK, Not So Easy
The third weekend in October you are likely to find Bill and Lana in the hallow of Lynchburg, Tennessee.
Ever since winning the Jack back in 2003 Bill and Lana have been honored to judge the worlds best bbq at the The Jack.
Minnesota Style Barbecue™ ?
Their barbecue-style has evolved over the years. We proud of what our style of BBQ has evolved into, Minnesota Style Barbeque™. It's our interpretation of BBQ. It's old school bbq, cooked low and slow with a touch of current BBQ. It's not sweet. We can assure you it has no resemblance to pot roast or pork medallions. They leave those to the competition BBQ trends! 
Dreams Come True.
Bill and Lana are the ultimate teams. Bill's the dreamer and idea guy. Lana's the dream-maker, and yes, she also writes the checks. Please don't fool yourself, she knows barbecue, and she knows what it takes to win. It was her cool head that won them the Jack despite Bill's best efforts to screw it up, ask him. For the past 18 years since winning the Jack, Bill and Lana have worked side by side, and we mean that literally. Thanks to The Jack for making dreams come true.

Time Doesn't Stand Still
It's hard to believe it has has been 18 years since Bill and Lana started Wee Willy's. Their business has grown from their award-winning sauce to include 30 plus food items. They sell them in Minnesota grocery stores. And as of late branching out to neighboring states of Wisconsin, North, and South Dakota. 

The "Secret"
The "secret" they came away with is barbeque is not a cooking method or type of food, but a way of life. It's America's food, something shared with friends and family and never hurried.

Even with their success there is still a drive to succeed, compete, and continue to develop their ideas. There’s no doubt that Bill & Lana have done their homework & have beaten the odds. What they’re most proud of is that they did it their own way, without compromise, without exception.
Jack Makes Dreams Come True

Wee Willy's Award Winning Sauce
Recipe Courtesy Bill and Lana


  • 1 cup Wee Willy's Original Barbecue Sauce
  • 2 to 3 tablespoons Jack Daniel’s
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • 1 tablespoon brown sugar (like it sweeter double it)

Directions - Mix all ingredients together in a small saucepan. Simmer over medium-low heat for 30 to 40 minutes. Adjust Jack Daniel’s, to taste.

By Bill and Lana

By Bill and Lana
They're accomplished cooks, recipe developers, barbecue world champions, and business owners. They're interested in helping people to cook their own best barbecue and grilled fare. Putting the diverse skill st to work:

  • Recipe creation and development.
  • Food product, and barbecue process development
  • BBQ Grill and cooker design and troubleshooting. This is where their experience in fabrication, airflow, and controls shine.
Bill and Lana live in the BBQ Capital of the North, Minnesota.

They welcome an opportunity to hear from you. Please, let them know how they are doing and what you would like to see from them moving forward.

Work with Bill and Lana.
Have a project that would be a good fit, be sure to reach out.

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Bill and Lana are passionate about all things food; barbecue in particular. They're accomplished cooks, recipe developers, barbecue world champions, and business owners with interest in helping people to cook their own best barbecue. Their diverse backgrounds range from recipe creation and development to food product, and barbecue process development to BBQ Grill and cooker design and troubleshooting, with experience in fabrication, airflow, and controls. They reside in the BBQ Capital of the North, Minnesota.

We would welcome an opportunity to
hear from you. Please, let us know how we are doing and what you would like to see from us moving forward.

Work with Bill and Lana.
Have a project that would be a good fit, be sure to
reach out.

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